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Can you coordinate a pagan ceremony?

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Pagan Ceremonies

We have organised pagan wedding ceremonies in Ireland for many couples and will be happy to assist with yours. Ireland has a number of unique and wonderful settings for such weddings, including cliff-tops, woodlands and ancient monuments.

Pagan ceremonies are now legal in Ireland

Legal Pagan weddings, performed by a government recognised Pagan celebrant, are now becoming a popular option for couples in Ireland.

Pagan Ceremonies

This style of ceremony is usually undertaken by people who identify with the broad nature centred beliefs of Paganism, rather than their various birth religions, and wish their ceremony to be a true public declaration of their love and commitment to each other.

Each Pagan ceremony is written in conjunction with the couple, and reflects their personal beliefs and life experience.

Due to their relative rarity in previous times, many people have no idea what to expect when attending a Pagan wedding.

In essence, it is public declaration by two people of their status as a couple.

Normally the couple will have their hands bound together in a ritual called Handfasting, symbolising the bonds of love that connect them, and will also exchange rings as a symbol of eternal love for each other.

This is done in a circular space, surrounded and supported by family and friends.

We are really into the romance of every wedding so whatever style of ceremony a couple want, we are happy to work with them to make it a meaningful and a special one for them.

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