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10 Things to Look Forward to After the Wedding

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It’s pretty much widely accepted these days that post wedding depression is a very real thing. And when you think about how much time, effort, emotion and planning you put into your wedding day, sometimes 18 months or two years in advance, it’s no wonder that when it’s all over, that you can feel a little down.

As an award-winning wedding planner with years of experience behind me, I know exactly how brides and grooms can feel in the weeks and months after the nuptials. But the good news is, if you stop and think about it, the wedding isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning of your lives together and you have so much to look forward to! Here’s my top ten things to look forward to after the wedding. Print these off and keep them for those days when you might be feeling a bit blue after the big day.
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The Honeymoon

Whether you decide to head off straight away or a few days after the wedding, the honeymoon or even ‘mini-moon’ is one of the best things about the wedding being over. It’s a time for you to relax as a married couple because between the stresses of planning the wedding and the emotion of the day itself, you really will welcome some quality time together to just unwind, recharge the batteries and bask in your newly married bliss!

The Photos

It’s a safe bet that you spent a good portion of your wedding day ‘saying cheese’ and there can be no doubt that getting the photos back is a real highlight of the post wedding experience. It’s a wonderful way to remember the day and how amazing it was. You’ll also likely be surprised and delighted by some of the photos you didn’t know the photographer was taking and those pictures which capture the joy and excitement on your family and friends faces through the day.

Opening Your Cards/Gifts

This is another really fun thing to look forward to. It’s nice to sit down, relax, have a drink and just go through all the well wishes, gifts and cards. You’ll be amazed at the sheer amount of them! Top tip, is to make a list of all the cards and gifts you’ve received, that way when it comes to your thank you cards you can personalise them by saying thank you for the specific gift, rather than a general thank you.

Guest Book

You’ll most likely have had some kind of guest book, be it traditional or something more quirky like a wish jar, but either way it’s fantastic to go through all the kind words from your guests. It really will make you smile.

Wearing Your Wedding Ring

This can be a big thing for the guys who may not be used to wearing jewellery of any kind! For the ladies, well most of us do love a bit of bling and there can be no better feeling than wearing your engagement and wedding rings together.

Not Being on a Mad Diet

Most brides and grooms-to-be put themselves on a health kick before their wedding day, so afterwards it’s nice have the stress of having to fit into your dress/suit disappear and you can enjoy that piece of chocolate cake or bag of crisps without the guilt!

Thank You Cards

This can a task you put on the long finger, but it’s something you’ll probably really enjoy doing. It’s lovely to get the chance to write a personalised message to each of your guests and remember how great the day was.

Getting Used To Saying Husband or Wife

This is a big one and you’re bound to make a slip up so don’t worry! It’s a butterfly moment when you get to introduce your partner as ‘this is my wife/husband’ for the first time.

Name Change

While not every woman decides to change her name when she gets married, if you do decide to take your husband’s name or hyphenate it with your own, it’s something that can be quite exciting… although be prepared to get confused yourself from time to time! Not to mention when you have to sign something! Lol!

Less Stress

Finally, we all know weddings can have their moments, no matter how organised you are there will be times of stress, so after the wedding is over you can look forward to less pressure and never having to do a table plan again! Lol!


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