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A large wedding is not something every couple wants for their special day. While some weddings can run in excess of 300 people, the average wedding size tends to be in and around the 100/150 mark. But many couples opt to keep things much more intimate with smaller numbers attending, choosing to only include their very close family and best friends.

While a small wedding might not be the ‘norm’, it is certainly full of fantastic possibilities to make it truly unique and special. From access to a wider range of incredible venues, to budgetary impacts, to the food, décor and much more, small weddings have so much going for them.

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There’s two ways of looking at how a small wedding can impact on your budget. First, if you’re looking to keep things more economical, then a smaller wedding will of course yield plenty of savings across the board, then you would have with a larger party.

However, smaller weddings also mean you get essentially more bang for your buck and if budgetary reasons aren’t the main driver behind why you’re having a more intimate affair, then you can really splash out on more incredible food, décor and venue options.

Small Gathering

For many couples, the whole idea behind having a smaller wedding is that they want their closest family and friends around them on their big day. It can make for a much more relaxed atmosphere, akin to a family dinner or occasion, rather than something that can feel too big and overwhelming. Also smaller weddings mean you can spend more time with each of your guests and your new husband or wife, rather than spending the entire day and night trying to have a few quick words with everyone.


Often times, couples will automatically look for a hotel with an appropriate sized room for their wedding venue. However, if you’re having a more intimate celebration, then this opens up a whole host of new venues to you. Consider your favourite restaurants, or museums and galleries. Also don’t forget that a smaller group means that it is easier to have your wedding abroad.


Food can be somewhat formulaic at larger weddings, especially when your each the 300 or more mark. When you’ve got a smaller party, you can really have fun with the food. From splurging on Michelin starred food, to family style platters or nibbles, the sky is the limit.

More Creativity

Finally, smaller weddings will allow you to channel your creativity in different ways. You’ll be thinking of ways to include favours or activities that the entire, smaller group can get involved in, rather than something that has more mass appeal. More intimate venues can also take a different sort of décor and music options, as you don’t have to go for the usual larger band set ups.

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