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Bridal Emergency Kit

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As a wedding planner with over 11 years of experience behind me, I have been there for hundreds of brides on the morning of their big day. In my time, I’ve seen brides need everything from white chalk to hide stains on their wedding dress, to safety pins, to headache pills and even a swig of rescue remedy.
So I always advise that brides, or indeed have your bridesmaids, put together a bridal SOS kit packed with all those little essentials you might need to have on standby on the day of the wedding. It’s very likely that you won’t need to use all of these, but you might be surprised at what could come in handy and it’s always best to be prepared, rather than having to send a bridesmaid off to find a particular item at the last minute.
Here’s my list of the top 35 most needed items for your Bridal SOS Kit. Why not print it off ahead of your wedding day.
If you’d like to chat to me about how I can help plan any aspect of your wedding day, please get in touch [link].

Beauty and Grooming

Cotton buds

Wet wipes


Safety pins

Nail File


Nail clippers




Lip Balm

Hand Lotion


First aid kit

Allergy tablets

Headache pills


Hand Sanitizer





Breath mints



Chewing Gum

Wardrobe Malfunctions / Emergency Items


Sewing Kit

Clear nail polish

Spare earring backs

Blister Treatment

White chalk

Spare Heel Tops

Rescue remedy


Bottled Water
Snack bars/Fruit/Pastries

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  • DuaneP
    on July 6, 2024

    Very interesting topic, thank you for posting..

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