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Bridesmaids go through a lot in the build-up to a wedding. They are pretty much the bride’s go-to girls for anything and everything. From organising the Hen Party, to helping pick the dress, to chasing up invites, to giving opinions on everything from flowers to invites and of course being a sympathetic ear for any bridezilla moments. So when it comes to the day itself, it’s really nice to present you bridesmaids with a little something to say thank you.

As an award winning wedding planner with years of experience behind me, I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be a big present, but something to mark the occasion and express the gratitude you feel for all their hard work and just being there for you over the planning process is a lovely gesture.

Here’s some top suggestions for items that make ideal gifts. If you’d like to chat to me about how I can help co-ordinate your wedding, then please get in touch.

Bathrobes & PJs

Customised PJs and bathrobes are an item that’s almost taken for granted on the morning of most weddings, but it’s still a really nice touch for the bride to organise these for her bridesmaids. You don’t have to go for the fluffy robes either, there are loads of silky kimono style robes out there with pretty prints and colours too. Of if robes and PJs aren’t there thing, what about hoodies or slippers?


A little piece of jewellery is an ideal gift for your bridesmaids as every time they wear it, they’ll hopefully be reminded of how amazing the wedding day was and how much they enjoyed being a bridesmaid. Think of things like necklaces with the date on it, or their initials, earrings and rings are also good options. Charm bracelets with pretty charms to reflect both the wedding and their personality are a lovely idea too.

Pamper Packs

Being a bridesmaid can be hard work, so a little pamper pack filled with goodies like scented candles, body cream, eye masks, bubble bath (and a little bottle of drinkable bubbles) etc., is something they will really appreciate.

Bridesmaid Hangers

A specially made, customised hanger is a fantastic present for you bridesmaids. It will of course be handy on the wedding day for their dresses, but hangers are something we all use every day, and to have a super-pretty bespoke one hanging in the wardrobe will hopefully put a smile on her face every time she sees it!

Tote Bags

Every woman knows how handy a roll up tote bag that she can throw in her handbag is. You can use it for everything from the groceries, to carrying your heels and so many other things in between. So a specially made one with her name, the wedding date and either bridesmaid or maid of honour on it, is the perfect gift she will use probably every day! Plus if you’re getting her some other gifts you can put these in the bags too!


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