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Easter Themed Wedding Ideas

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Spring has well and truly sprung ladies and gents. One of the most beautiful times of the year to get married, spring is full of fab inspiration when it comes to themes and décor for your big day. Think florals, pastels and lush foliage bursting into leaf. Of course with Easter almost upon us, it’s another beautiful dimension to consider for your décor. The basic idea of Easter eggs can yield so many possibilities! But the Easter ideas don’t have to be limited to just eggs. Think broader with bunnies, cakes, baskets, birds, nests and daffodil yellow.
Here’s some of our top tips for injecting that special Easter feel into your reception.
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Easter eggs are synonymous with spring time and in terms of décor, they hold dozens of possibilities. Of course having some mini chocolate eggs sprinkled on tables will go down well with everyone, as will an egg hunt especially with your smaller guests! But think about chic egg shaped decorated cookies for favours. A retro Kinder Egg at each place setting. Or line your table vases with brightly coloured eggs. For a really simple, yet rather cool look, why not fill egg boxes with crème eggs! Add some long sticks and you’ve got retro themed egg pops!


Rabbits are an obvious choice for spring and Easter, but that doesn’t make them any less pretty. A quick and easy way to include them in you decor is to place a chocolate bunny on each table setting! Or why not get creative with a bit of napkin folding and have bunny ear napkins. If you’ve got access to grounds then using little bunny statues or wooden bunnies is ideal, plus they’ll make good photo props.

Birds and Nests

Nothing says Easter and spring like birds! And rustic style nests work fabulously for décor. Think about mini nest cake toppers or table centrepieces. Fill them with flowers or wrap around candles. They look superb inside bird cages too. Plus bird shaped name cards will pair incredibly well with the nest detail and both are relatively inexpensive ways to bring your theme to life.


If you don’t fancy going all out with eggs or bunnies, then get your Easter theme across using flowers. This time of year the choices are beautiful with intense yellows from fresh daffodils, to the more muted pastel tones of tulips and gypsophila and daisies. Add a few little butterflies into the arrangements for an extra wow factor.

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