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Essential Wedding Save the Date Information

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You could be forgiven for thinking that save the date cards are just another headache to add to your growing wedding list, but on the contrary, they are a very handy tool in your planning.

While they may be a relatively new concept on this side of the pond, a save the date card has now become commonplace for most couples in Ireland.

But just what is the difference between a save the date and an invitation?

Simply put, a save the date is something you send much more in advance of your invitation and gives guests curial information they need to know, such as the date and location, especially if it is a destination wedding. Guest typically do not need to RSVP at this point.

A wedding invitation however, is sent closer to the day and has all the final information and it is expected that guests will RSVP

Here’s some more information. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly if you wish to chat about any aspect of your wedding planning and décor.


Give People Time

These days weddings can just as often be on a weekday as a weekend and they can also be places in which guests will need to travel to, so with all of that in mind, it’s good manners to send your guests as much information in advance as possible. That’s where a save the date comes in. It allows your guests to get time off work if needed and /or organise childcare.


When Do I Send Them?

It really depends on the type of wedding you are having. If it is to a destination aboard then give as much notice as you can, even nine months. If it’s not so far afield then around six months is perfectly fine. Try to resist to send them out more than a year in advance as people can forget about it.
























Who Should Get One?

Everyone and anyone who you’d ideally love to have at your wedding should get one. By the same token, once you end them a save the date, then you cannot decide to not send them an invitation later.


But I don’t Have All the Information Yet

Don’t panic, a save the date typically won’t have all the wedding information enclosed, as you won’t have it finalised yet. What it will typically have is the date of the wedding and possibly the location. You should also make it personal and clear as to who is invited so plans can be made. You should then say more details to follow.

















Get Communication Going

Another pro of a save the date is that you can direct your guests to a website or app, which you can then fill up with important information the closer you get to the big day. This is particularly helpful if you’re having a destination wedding where guests need to book travel.


I Haven’t Decided on My Theme Yet!

That’s okay, while you can of course introduce your theme to your guests with the save the dates, there is no reason why they have to fit in with your eventual theme down the line. In fact, it’s a nice way to experiment with what you think you might like to use.


Do I Still Need to Send an Invite?

The short answer is yes! You need to send a formal invite to confirm all the details of the day and to finalise your guest list.




















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