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Can I get legally married in Ireland?

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Foreign residents can get legally married in Ireland, but there are certain procedures that need to be followed.

The law changed in November 2007 which enables couples to get civilly married in other places than the registry office. The rules for this are below.

Civil Weddings

Until recently legal civil marriage in Ireland could only take place in a registry office, however a change in the law in November 2007 now means it is possible to marry in another location, provided:

The location is indoors
The wedding takes place in an area to which the public have access
The location has been issued with a license by the authorities.
While this means that it is now possible to legally marry in a hotel or other indoor location, it does not include private homes or outdoor locations.

Many hotels and some historic buildings have applied for and received licenses, however it is also possible for a couple intending to marry to apply for a licence for a location which does not already have one. The couple are responsible for all the expenses of the official celebrant who officiates at an off-site wedding.

As this still can present difficulties for many couples, a common approach is to have a civil marriage in your home country followed by a wedding blessing in Ireland.

One advantage of this approach is that you can then hold your wedding in any location you choose.

Religious Weddings

If you wish to have a legal wedding in a Catholic church you must comply with all requirements of the Catholic faith, which are essentially the same the world over.

Weddings which take place in a Catholic church can be legally registered and, importantly, there is no residency requirement.

The same applies to weddings in some other religious, so you can also have Church of Ireland wedding, a Jewish wedding or a Presbyterian wedding.

For more information about the legal aspects of getting married in Ireland contact us.

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