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Glamping inspired weddings have become a super popular trend for couples in recent years. Mirroring the rise of glamping as a holiday activity, it can be no surprise that it has also become a very cool way to celebrate an alternative wedding. Glamping weddings won’t be for everyone, but if you are looking to channel an unconventional vibe to your big day, then it’s a real theme to consider.

As an award-winning wedding planner, I love working on all types of nuptials and when it comes to glamping style weddings, there are now plenty of standalone venues to choose from. These unique venues can offer everything from the grounds, to the tents and having someone like me on the ground to co-ordinate all the other details like catering and décor, means you can make your glamping wedding dreams come to life. But, for those who like the idea of a glamping inspired theme, but baulk at the idea of wellies and tents, then this week’s blog is for you! We’re going to look at ways to channel that glamping feel for your wedding day, minus the mud! If you’d like to get in touch to chat about how I can help bring your wedding plans to life and on budget, then please contact me.

Outdoor I Do

The weather in Ireland can be unpredictable, but with a solid contingency plan in place, you can have your ceremony outdoors which will allow you to really channel that glamping festival style vibe. Think about having lots of cushions, hay bales, prop tents and signage to cement the theme.

Bring the Outdoors In

No matter where your venue is or what time of the year you’re getting married, bringing a sense of the outdoors inside is a really easy way to bring your glamping theme to life. Think about using tree branches, woodland plants, shrubs and even leaves to make it really work. Use intertwining lights and hanging tea lights with the branches to crank up the atmosphere when the sun goes down.


Using your canapés, food stations or nibbles is a really creative and fun way to get a glamping theme across to your guests. Why not have picnic baskets filled with breads and meats for guests to enjoy? Set up a marshmallow or ‘s’mores’ toasting station, make ‘moonshine’ with lemonade and serve it in vintage glasses or flasks, or bring in a food fan for your midnight snack.


Nothing says glamping chic like a selection of carefully places, lanterns, picnic blankets, cushions and bunting. Use them all around your venue to make the theme come to life. They’ll also work really well for your pictures too.

Get Creative

Even if you’re not able to have your wedding in a glamping venue, that doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of having a glamping theme. Get creative and use draping to make a tent style chill out area for your guests. Marquees can be simply turned into a glamping inspired tent by using long picnic tables, bunting, hay bales and some foliage to complete the look.

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