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Themes can really help bring focus to your wedding day décor, but often settling on a theme for your wedding can be difficult, so it’s a good idea to start with your interests, especially those you both enjoy. If you or your husband or wife to be are a dab hand in the garden then why not consider a green-thumbed, garden style theme for your wedding? It’s a really fun theme that has huge scope for lots of fabulous props, centrepieces and favours that generally speaking are easy to source and won’t blow the budget.

Think about wellies stuffed with flowers, old watering cans, spades, trowels, seeds, plants, cacti, lavender, your favourite herbs and produce and much more.

If you’d like to chat about your wedding day décor or plans, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.

Watering Cans

They make ideal centrepieces, fill them with flowers or cacti. They also look great placed around the room, why not have them with some rustic palettes or old style bicycles as signage areas for your guests, or place them near your guestbook table.


Wellies and gardening go hand in hand and they can look absolutely fantastic dotted around the venue, again stuff them with wildflowers or your favourite blooms and they look great in your pictures too. Think about having a mix of bright coloured wellies as well as the old fashioned green ones which can look great if you want a more rustic garden feel to the day.


Packs of seeds are a great idea for favours, as they are the sort of thing that guests are really likely to keep and use! As are mini plants or cacti. Mini watering cans filled with seeds look fabulous too or what about gardeners hand cream for each guest? Or if you have a glut of your home crop, be it fruit or veg, why not package it nicely as favours? If your green thumb extends to bee-keeping honey would be ideal!

Escort Cards / Table Plans

Why not use mini ladders with plants pots for each table and have each guests name on a stick in each pot?. You could also use herb plants. Or why not use packs of herbs or seeds as the escort cards? What about mini trowels? Or for lots of fun why not use a vintage style wheelbarrow filled with composts and packs of seeds as the escort cards.

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