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How To Have An Outdoor Wedding In Ireland

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They say that when the weather is good in Ireland, why would you want to be anywhere else, and when it comes to outdoor weddings, the same is true. The country is packed with a myriad of incredible outdoor wedding locations, such as clifftops, ancient castles, lakes, beaches, lush forests and green fields, and if you’ve always wanted to say ‘I do’ outdoors, then there can be no better place to do it in.

However, it is Ireland and of course that means changeable weather conditions, where a summer’s day in July or August can be a complete deluge. That said, it’s still possible and indeed getting more and more popular to have outdoor wedding ceremonies in Ireland; all that’s needed is a little planning and expertise.

I’ve planned and co-ordinated dozens of successful outdoor wedding ceremonies and if you’d like to chat about this, or any other aspect of your wedding day décor or planning, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.


Have a Backup Plan

This is the most important part of having an outdoor wedding ceremony in Ireland or indeed anywhere. Having a backup plan for inclement weather, even in the height of summer, is crucial. Look for venues that have both outdoor areas where you can have your ceremony, but that also offers an indoor area where you can move to if the weather looks like it’s not going to play ball. Often venues will offer beautiful outdoor areas that may even have some kind of covering such as marquees with open sides, large gazebos, or areas with large awnings in case of rain. And have enough large umbrellas in case there is some drizzle mid ceremony.

backup plan



Be Flexible

Understand, that while you might be dreaming of an outdoor wedding ceremony, the weather might make it impossible, so be prepared for the fact that you may have to compromise. Consider using a tent or marquee that is open on the sides but covered on the top so you still get that outdoor feel. Similarly, if you want something really atmospheric what about finding and old castle or church that is partially open to the elements, yet still provides cover for the guests.



Keep it Casual

By their very nature, outdoor wedding ceremonies tend to be a little more causal or informal, so think about doing away with set sides for the bride and grooms family and encourage them to sit where they wish. Don’t forget to experiment and have little fun with the seating set up. Forget stuffy church pews and have chairs arranged in a spiral with the couple in the middle, or why not have bales of hay dotted around for guests to sit on.



Have Fun

Why not keep the outdoor theme running and consider having your food outside too? Think food trucks, BBQ’s and informal dining. Or if you want to have your food indoors in a more formal set up, then why not have some outdoor games set up for after the meal. Think giant Jenga, boules, ring toss and even life-size chess.

have fun


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