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A movie themed wedding is always one of the most popular themes, topping lists time after time. During my years as a wedding planner, I’ve seen many creative interpretations of movie themes. It can be something as small as simply naming your tables after your favourite films, to movie inspired nibbles such as popcorn or pick ‘n’ mix stations, to décor, to table plans, to invitations and favours. I’ve even seen couples dress up in Hollywood Golden era attire.

But when it comes to choosing any theme, it’s very much down to you as a couple in terms of how much of an influence you want your theme to have on your day. A theme can really put your own personal stamp on your wedding day, especially if you go for something that reflects you both as a couple. Today, I’ve put together some of the best ways to bring a fun movie theme to life at your wedding. If you’d like to chat about how I can help with any aspect of your day from decor to planning, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


There can be no better way to start incorporating your movie theme into your wedding, than with a movie style invitation or save the date card. Think about getting cinema ticket stub style invites and RSVP cards to make things really fun. Or why not use invites made from your favourite movie quotes? Some couples even make mock-ups of the posters from their favourite films as their invitations or save the dates.

Table Décor

This is where you can have a lot of fun with a movie theme. Compile a list of your favourite films and use these as table names. Source or print off mini movie posters and use them on each table, or use a quote from each film instead. This leaves huge scope to make your matching table plan movie themed too. Or why not name each table after your favourite movie stars and use mini Hollywood Walk of Fame stars on each table? Think about making or sourcing old movie reels as centrepieces, or use vintage pieces like old projectors and cameras to really bring the theme to life. Yellow flowers in movie popcorn boxes work really well as table centrepieces too.


Movie style nibbles can give you huge scope to have lots of fun. Think old fashioned popcorn machines, pick ‘n’ mix stations and Oscar shaped biscuits and chocolates. If you want to extend that train of thought, why not have nachos and hot dogs as your midnight wedding snacks? Adults and kids alike will love it.

Fun Extras

After table décor and nibbles, the sky is the limit for how much more you want to push you theme. Think about including fun movie props or clapperboards in your wedding pictures. Hold up old reels, set up a movie themed photo booth with themed props for guests to put on. Why not give the soundtrack of your favourite film as favours for the guests, leave movie trivia quizzes on their tables, make buttonholes out of old film and even stop by an old cinema for some wedding photos.

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