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Lanterns are an ideal part of your wedding day décor. Versatile and easy to source, you can find a different lantern for every part of your wedding day and for practically any theme. From pew ends in your church or ceremony venue, to centrepieces, to dotting around your venue, to having outside your church, to using for you guests cards and well wishes, there are so many ways to use these beautiful props.

Plus there’s a style of lantern for every mood, whether you want an antique feel, beach house style, Moroccan theme, secret garden, elegant and so many more. And of course, they are quite easy to source whether you want to purchase or hire them, they are a great investment either way.

If you’d like to chat about any aspect of your wedding day planning or décor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Hanging Lanterns

This can be really impressive yet relatively simple and cheap to pull off. Think about suspending lanterns over your dessert table, or over where your guest book will be? They look great in a marquee or barn style wedding too and if you’ve got an outdoor section to your venue, then why not think about stringing some up here with tea lights for the evening time?

Pew Ends

Lanterns make ideal pew ends and again they are super customisable to your ceremony venue and tastes. You could go for some mini lanterns or larger more elegant versions or even think about hanging or tall lanterns too. Each will give your ceremony a different look and feel so make sure you have a think about how it will impact on your ceremony beforehand and check the churches policy on candles, if they don’t allow them there are some great fake candles with real looking frames or alternatively you could fill the lanterns with flowers.


Lanterns are perfect for centrepieces for your reception tables. You can easily find a lantern to fit with your theme, for example don’t be afraid to use a large tall lantern if you’re going for a more formal feel, equally small or mini lanterns can look great for a more casual theme. Don’t forget to look at the lanterns finish too – if you want something with a more Middle Eastern feel, then look for lanterns with cut out patterns. For a beachy theme look for white, brushed wood finished lanterns and so on.

Not Just for Candles

While typically we tend to fill lanterns with candles of varying sizes, it’s nice to think a little differently and fill them with anything from flowers, shells, cacti or even family pictures. The only limit is your imagination on this one.

Alternative Uses

Why not use a bespoke lantern for your guest’s cards and well wishes? And don’t forget you can use mini lanterns to light up any feature windows or sections of your venue and if you have a staircase then it is crying out to be lit up with a line of lanterns too.

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