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As you get deeper into your wedding day planning, you realise there are many ways to add your own stamp and personal touches along the way. Indeed many of these little touches are just that – small details that actually make a huge impact and anything you can do to make the day feel more personal and special to you both as a couple is always worth looking into.

Menus for example are a great way to add a spark of individuality to proceedings and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big expense. Many wedding venues and packages will provide a plain printed menu for your reception, but there are lots of ways you can customise the menu to make them almost part of your wedding day décor. For example if you’re going for a rustic style wedding theme, then a large menu on a board or palette would be a great fit. Similarly you need to take into account the type of meal you’re having. If it’s a quite formal affair, then individual menus would work best, but if you’re having long cafeteria style tables or a more relaxed buffet meal, then one or two larger menus for the whole group work perfectly.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day décor, then please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


Using oversized tropical style leaves is a great alternative for your wedding menu. Ideal if you’re having a classic theme of green and white with a focus on foliage, or indeed if you want to channel that Hawaiian feel, it works very well too.



Doilies may be synonymous with the old world, but they can look super smart for your wedding menus. Ideal for a host of themes from vintage to elegant, think about playing around with spraying the doilies different colours, and getting a calligrapher to individually write each one, with each guest’s name on the doily too.
Chopping Boards & Blackboards
Boards work really well with a more casual themed wedding. Whether that be a rustic, barn style or a wedding with long cafeteria style tables, consider using boards instead of plain printed menus and if you’re serving a buffet or more relaxed style of meal, boards are the perfect match. You could opt for one large oversized board on a palette for example. Large or mini blackboards and chopping boards also work really well.


Glass and Mirrors
Similar to boards, creative use of mirrors or glass can work really well for your menus. These are generally larger pieces, akin to the size of the seating plan and is placed in a central location on the room so all the guests can read it.


Napkin Menu
This works really well for practically any style of wedding and you can get as creative as you wish. You can also add a personal message and use it as the guest’s place card too, for maximum multi-tasking.


Food and Drink
Why not have a paper bag printed up with the menu on it and inside pop a bread roll or other edible treat for the guests? And if you’re both wine aficionados, why not turn each table’s bottle of wine into the menu via the label?


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