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The last few years have been about rose gold, brass and antique style gold metallic accents, but this year it’s all about the cool chic of silver and chrome.

It’s partly down to the influx of 70s vibe décor that has become every present at the moment, but also it’s time for a change and this sleek metal colour palette is one that can work so well for practically any wedding style.

No matter what sort of look you are going for, such as vintage, modern or rustic, these colour palettes will work so well and are very readily available too. Plus if you’re DIY lover, then his colour palette is easy to upcycle existing items with.

We’ve put together some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly if you wish to chat about any aspect of your wedding planning and décor.


Future Proof

Highly shiny chrome, cream, crisp décor is perfect for a modern, futuristic vibe. Think silver chrome lanterns of varying sizes, with crisp white candles inside, interspersed with green and white florals. Oversized elegant chrome candelabras with white lines and greenery work so well, as do orb style light installations for that truly future feel.




If you’re a DIY lover or crafter or you just want to keep an eye on the budget, then why not repurpose some bottles, tins, jars, flower pots for use in your centrepieces and focal points? Spray them with a silver chrome colour and then add any other embellishments you like, such as glitter, ribbon, burlap or florals, the list is endless.



Vintage Vibe

While cool metallic chrome has a very futuristic feel to it, there’s no reason why you can’t give it a vintage twist. Look for distressed or ‘aged’ chrome and silver accents, for everything from vases, to lanterns, and even place settings/ Antique style chrome mirrors are ideal for wedding signs, the menu or even for use as your seating plan chart. And if you want to get retro what about disco mirror balls?

Get Creative

A ceiling full of chrome balloons or a balloon drop would look truly stunning, as would simple additions of chrome streamers and ribbon for backdrops. Intersperse the backdrop with fairylights and use other colours to accent the balloons.





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