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Ten Top Tips for Picking your Perfect Wedding Dress

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Ten Top Tips for Picking your Perfect Wedding Dress

For the majority of brides, finding the perfect dress is one of the most important parts of the wedding process. Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us have spent hours daydreaming about the dress – what it will look like, the details, the shape, the fit, etc. Of course we don’t all dream of a traditional white wedding dress either, indeed many women decide to go for something unique on their big day; just look at Solange Knowles who wore a cape style dress or Olivia Palermo who went for a cashmere jumper, white shorts and tulle skirt look, last year.

Whatever the style of the dress of your dreams, finding it can be difficult, stressful and even teary! So in a bid to help you breeze through the process like a pro and have fun while you do it, we’ve put together our top ten tips to help you find the dress of your dreams.

The Budget

The budget is unfortunately a stark reality for every bride, but as soon as you’ve decided what that budget is, then the fun can begin! Try and look at dresses that are within your price range, as it can be very easy to get carried away if you start looking at dresses 3 or 4 times your budget. That said, there is no harm in taking inspiration from a more expensive dress and then tracking down a more affordable version.

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Do Your Research

Read through wedding magazines, wedding blogs, wedding websites and even pictures from celebrity weddings to try and get an idea of the style of dress you want. Clip your favourite images and make a scrapbook or use Pinterest!

A Dress for the Occasion

This is a pretty basic one, but still important. If you are having a beach wedding abroad, then a heavier, layered princess style dress might not work. Similarly if you are having a winter wedding in Ireland, you’ll want to make sure you have a dress that will not leave you turning blue and shaking through your pictures.

Know Your Shape

This is another really important step. Understanding your body shape will help you find a dress that will flatter. Think about if you want sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, a tulle skirt or silky column style. Most importantly, look for a style that is going to suit you and don’t get preoccupied with what looks good on someone else. This means being realistic and while you will no doubt be in your best shape for your wedding day, you don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself to lose 2-3 dress sizes or miraculously grow an extra 5 inches.

Get Ahead

Starting early is a good idea. Think about giving yourself at least 6 months for the wedding dress search, as it can take some time to find the dress, but don’t forget the shop has to order it in and you have to have fittings!

Make an Appointment

Most bridal shops prefer you to make an appointment and of course weekends can book up well in advance, so get in there early and book your day as soon as you can. Bear in mind some boutiques can charge an appointment fee, so check that out before you go.

Be Prepared!

Ladies, this means have a strapless or multiway bra with you and no fake tan! Also try and bring shoes with a heel similar to the height you’ll be wearing on the day and any other accessories you might already have, such as jewellery or headband. The more of a complete look you can get, the better.

Who to Take With You?

This can be tricky. Of course your mum or sisters, or best friends, or aunties might all want to come with you and see you in your frock, but generally speaking it’s better if you can limit your entourage to just one or two people. Try and make sure they are honest with their feedback and of course be someone you can enjoy the day with. Do check with the boutique about whether or not they can take any pictures of you in the frocks, as not all shops allow this.

That Special Feeling

You’ll hear many brides talk about that ‘special feeling’ they got when they eventually found the dress! While in reality there may not be trumpets flaring and magical confetti flying when you try it on, you should still get a sense that you’ve found a dress you really love. Feeling like you don’t want to take it off is a very good indication you’ve found the dress of your dreams. And by the way, it can happen after you’ve tried on only couple or after you’ve tried on dozens. When you’ve found it, stop looking.


Check with the bridal boutique about alterations. Do they offer alterations and are they included in the price of the dress? Arrange a schedule for the alterations and if they don’t do them, look for someone that other brides would recommend.s, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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