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Dervilia and Barry

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Dervilia and Barry

Dervilia+Brian-438Hello to all the brides and grooms that are reading this testimonial. It can be really daunting and overwhelming trying to decide which supplier to choose. You can spend hours and hours searching for the perfect one and after a certain point it can all start to feel a bit like wallpaper!
We were very lucky; we came across Kate early on in our research. The moment I made contact with her, I knew we’d struck gold!
Kate is incredible at what she does and so passionate about her work. I secretly think she treats every wedding as if it were her own – no lie! She brings a whole new meaning to exceeding expectations and I can guarantee you she will not disappoint.
Not only is she a true professional, she is such a beautiful person. So genuine and real. You are not just another income for her; you are the reason she gets out of bed every day to do a job she really loves – this is so visible and so refreshing. It’s such an exciting time in your lives, and Kate joins you in that journey in such an authentic way.
One important note which I think is a real concern for many brides and grooms which I’d like to clear up. Price. Price is always a major factor in any decision when it comes to weddings. Kate has some wonderful ideas and you may think ‘Oh, I could do that myself without paying a supplier’…but believe me you can’t. Kate’s fees for the amount of work involved is extremely well priced and because she’s been in the business so long she has fantastic suppliers who give her rates you’ll find hard to beat anywhere else.
My parting words to you would be to get in touch with her and let your intuition decide. Everything can be scaled to whatever it is you want, and if you want to save yourself hours of time and stress I can’t recommend Kate enough. She’ll bring your wedding to the next level and you will not regret a penny spent.

P.S. My husband and I live in Sydney and organised our Irish wedding from here – no easy feat some may argue, but thanks to Kate we can say it really was a breeze! If you are reading this from overseas and are planning an Irish wedding, get in touch with Kate; it will be the best decision you ever make.


Dervilia and Barry September 2015

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