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Kate and Ben

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Kate and Ben

“It’s no surprise after you’ve worked with Kate Deegan why she called her company Perfect Details / Coordination Made Easy, because she does just that. Her attention to detail and vision truly enable you to make your dream wedding come to life.

Above all though, one of Kate’s biggest strengths is her ability to calm down anxious brides throughout the planning process and help with the heavy lifting. Leading up to our wedding, I was stressing about the timeline, flow of the day, and ensuring the reception room would have that ‘wow’ factor…Kate continuously worked with me, providing constructive feedback on how we could accomplish what I was envisioning. Nothing was too much trouble or out of the question.

On our wedding day, Ben and I were truly able to be in the moment because we knew Kate had everything under control. While some brides may go back and forth between using a planner or not, I promise that having Kate there ensures you focus on what matters that day – becoming husband and wife.

All I can say is Kate Deegan is your girl. Look no further for a wedding planner/coordinator and hire Kate.”


-Kate and Ben-

Kate and Ben

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