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Katie and John, March 2013

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wedding planner kate deegan

Katie and John, March 2013

wedding planner kate deegan co-me.netDear Kate,

Katie and I, and our respective families, will forever and fondly remember you for creating such a joyful and magical wedding experience. We had originally been referred to a more flamboyant wedding planner whose vision and ours did not quite mesh. We connected with you about 3 months before our proposed wedding date, which happened to fall right before Easter. Despite the short notice and limitations imposed by the timing of the wedding, you were able to assemble the perfect combination of people, setting, and events. Our day was just so special; a day, which all of us were able to simply relish and enjoy, without worrying about a single detail (and like any wedding there were MANY details). The afterglow of that day and night and our whole experience in Doolin still burns bright a month after the events. Our families still reminisce about each of the unique experiences enjoyed individually and shared as a group. There was something for everyone, bride and groom, our siblings, the children, and our parents.

Kate, you were there with us every step of the way (before, during, and even after the wedding), ever smiling and cheerful, mindful of the details and keeping everything on track. Before the wedding, during the preliminary planning stages, you listened to our preferences, offered valuable suggestions, and always kept in mind our vision. You have the most devoted, pleasant, sincere, and talented network of wedding celebrants, photographers, videographers, drivers (and their vehicles), hair and makeup personnel, musicians, and etc., at your disposal. On the wedding day, you and your crew, took care of every detail, cheerfully kept us on pace, and even recorded the unfolding events with photos and video. We never worried, knowing you were there, and watching over us. Even when the vintage automobile got a flat tire, we took the opportunity to take staged photos of Katie and I changing the tire. You had a happy solution to every obstacle.

I don’t know if we can credit you for the sunny wedding day, but I wouldn’t doubt if you had a hand in that, as well. An outdoor wedding in Ireland, in March, lends itself to disappointment, but the setting and day were stunning. In the movie, “The Princess Bride”, the Cliffs of Moher are depicted as the “Cliffs of Insanity”. An apt name for what we were trying to pull off, but you helped us do it!

Even now, over one month after the wedding, you are following through to be sure we are receiving our pictures and video. We shed tears watching the video and viewing the photographs. You helped us create a wedding experience uniquely ours, authentically Irish and Celtic, and you magically transformed a cold but sunny March Irish day into one of the warmest days of lives. Kate; you, Dara Malloy, Mike Mulcaire, Mike O’Sullivan, Yvonne Casey, and everyone else who had a hand in our wedding planning and delivery will always be remember as dear friends and family.

From deep within our hearts, thank you so much!

With great affection,

John and Katie Koh

Katie and John March 2013

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