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Megan and Brendan

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Megan and Brendan

SsJVd8if3tVdRjTBnP31SfE4kLi7YiP1RLLOHg4HoQ0I have to admit, the road to finding Kate Deegan from Coordination Made Easy was a rocky one. After working with two other wedding planners who were 1) completely unavailable for me and my husband and 2) overbearing, we finally found Kate. What a blessing this was! Kate was a pure gem to work with. She has this soft, calming demeanor that is topped only by her organization and professionalism. She was amenable to all of the requests that my husband and I had made for the big day, as well as making lovely suggestions that enhanced the magic of the day. Kate was very responsive to emails and phone calls… even when she was in her first trimester and sick as a dog. I never knew, however, because she was always available to me. My wedding day was the most beautiful, and least stressful day of my life because Kate was always quietly there taking care of every detail. I didn’t know until after the wedding was over that she was due to have her baby in less than a week! She did a truly remarkable job, and is a pure joy to work with. I cannot recommend Kate enough.

Megan and Brendan July 2015

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