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Slaney and Peter

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Slaney and Peter

We arranged for Kate to do our wedding day co-ordination and we were so glad we did. We were only sorry we didn’t have Kate from day one! We met Kate at our rehearsal in the church the day before and from the moment we met Kate, she made us feel totally at ease. SO warm and SO friendly. She was in control having only met us a few minutes ago and made what I thought would be a bit of a mess into a fun, organised and timely rehearsal.

The morning of the wedding when hair and make up were arriving, Kate (who had been there for ages making sure everyone was fed, happy and on time) calmly said “So, your makeup artist for the bridesmaids cancelled last night”. Before I could have a meltdown she followed with “But its okay, I’ve arranged an even better one and she’s already here”. The bridesmaids makeup was stunning! Kate had fixed a problem I didn’t even know existed. That is just one of the reasons no one should be without Kate on the day. Nobody will believe this as it seems like one of those wedding day disasters that couldn’t be true – but I SWEAR – the wedding car carrying my Dad and I broke down on the way to the church on the side of the motorway!! Luckily (and unusually), the maid of honour and flower girls were behind us in their car which stopped behind us. Before an emotion even set in, Kate pulled in on the hard shoulder and calmly took the maid of honour and flower girls in her car, while Dad and I took the maid of honours car. It all happened in 3 minutes I would say. To say Kate was a wonder-woman that day would be an understatement. She was there until every last detail was done and perfected.

We truly could NOT have been without her! Whether its the ‘Day of’ or full planning (I recommend the latter). Kate will be the best addition to your wedding day, you could ever hope for. The day would NEVER have been the day it was without her.

Thank you so much Kate, you are one in a million!

Slaney and Peter


Slaney and Peter April 2018

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