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Victoria and John, June 2012

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kate Deegan wedding planner Ireland

Victoria and John, June 2012

kate Deegan wedding planner Ireland co-me.netThe two best decisions I made about my Wedding Day , were choosing my Husband and choosing Kate. I had a few planners that I’d researched , but once I met Kate, I hired her then and there. (Thankfully! As I had NO idea how much there was to do, and the day would have been very different without her…and not in a good way!) I was to discover later her unflappable professionalism, her network of people that were experienced and talented and could somehow find a way to fit me in … just for Kate … but what I liked instantly about her was her open friendly manner and the energy and enthusiasm that just shone from her , and how she obviously loves her job.

No matter how “out there “ some of my requests were, I got a “no problem” and before the end of the day…problem solved , and another great idea about how it could be even better.

I hired Kate with only three and a bit months to go, (book her now, I just got lucky !), I had just started to realise how much I had to do…made worse by the fact that we were getting married in Ennis , Ireland, My Fiancé was from Rumson, New Jersey, I was from Waterford, Ireland, BUT we were both living in Arkansas. We could never have gotten the people we needed…make up, hair, bands, singers, video, cars, coaches, flowers, tailor…Without her. I changed my mind re fit of dress and had it altered THE WEEK OF THE WEDDING!!!…( Kate, somehow still smiling) .

By the time I met Kate I had started to feel overwhelmed by all there was to coordinate together for just one day… a day that had to be perfect and a day when I would be otherwise occupied ( J ) and unable to sort things myself. Once we had Kate on board I had a weight taken off my shoulders, and was able to actually look forward to the day, (something that I hadn’t really done till then ) and my Fiancé stopped looking at me like I was crazy… I had started to wander around the house talking to myself, clutching printouts of estimated costs and “TO DO “ lists from wedding sites… But after my first follow up e mail from Kate, in which she had all my problems in hand, and a few more I hadn’t even thought about …like CARS! Yes I had forgotten that ! I really began to feel like a Bride for the first time and started to just focus on the fun aspects of the day…everything else was Kate’s problem .

On the day of the Wedding she was there every second I needed her… yet never in the way or visible when I didn’t. I didn’t realise till after how much she’d done, not until my guests and relatives asked who that nice girl was who helped them, or organised something, or was just so much fun. She knew all the things that would make our day perfect, and made it look easy every step of the way. When I looked back for reassurance, just as I was walking down the aisle, and Kate gave me that smile of hers, and a nod, I knew it would be all OK. And it was.

Thank you Kate. We had the Day of our lives. We’ll never forget it. Or you.

Victoria & John Ryan

Victoria and John, June 2012

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