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Top Destinations to Visit 2018

on August 4, 2018 with 1 and 0 in category Blog
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You might have seen the top destinations to visit on social media but do not have the money and time to visit them all. Ideally, you only have enough vacation days and money to go on two vacations per year. Whether you are looking for a vacation to end all vacations or just want to get out of the city for a bit, here are some top destinations to visit in 2018:



If you are looking for a reason to visit Russia this year, the World Cup will give you plenty of reasons. Since the US is not in the World Cup this year, you can go to Russia and not be surrounded by fellow Americans. You can just sit back and watch the spectacle as you cheer on a team of your choice.

You should head to Moscow because that is where all the big matches will be played. You might not have been to Russia before but it is a strikingly beautiful place. It is filled with people who will respect your nerve to show up for games early.


Most Americans used to associate Colombia with kidnapping, but as time goes by, they started to realize that it is among the safest countries on the Western Hemisphere. If you are looking for a city with modern urbanism, you should head to Bogota. On the other hand, if you want to sit by the beach and sip your drink, Cartagena is the place to be.

In Colombia, you can live lavishly for almost nothing. You can stay at an Airbnb that resembles the million-dollar condos in Miami for just 150 dollars per night. You can also get a gourmet meal for just under fifty dollars. If you live in NYC, you can choose New York jet charter if you want to treat yourself to some luxury.


This country is getting so many tourists that the government is suggesting enforcing tourism limits to protect the environment. You can blame Game of Thrones for the destruction of certain attractions, which are being trodden beyond sustainability.
This country offers the most powerful odysseys in nature thanks to the otherworldly landscapes that have accompanying folk legends. Movies love to film in Iceland because it is an endlessly cinematic country. You should visit this destination if you want to experience the best views that nature has to offer.


You have probably seen Malta on TV without knowing it. Game of Thrones has staged some mock sword fights in the country. When the novelty of seeing where the iconic show was filmed wears off, you will see that Malta has much more to offer. The archipelago has some hints of English, North African, and Sicilian colonial culture as well as a few of its own quirks. Malta is popular destination for wedding to since it’s small, beautiful, easy to be transported from one part of the island to another and quite enjoyable. Check out the laws that your country has on getting married abroad, then check our the Malta’s law on this matter, prepare all the important papers, pack your wedding dress and go for the adventure!


Highway 1, California
You should head to Highway 1 if you want to catch a glimpse of prime beaches and beautiful landscapes. On your way to the Central Coast, you should visit the Tour Hearst Castle. The Central Coast had landslides in 2017, which made visiting it tricky. This means that you will have to make detours along the way until the state rebuilds a part of the sloughed mountain.

You can take in magnificent views from the Bixby Bridge, which was featured in the show Big Little Lies. If you want to see excellent wineries with beautiful views, you should head to River Road in Salinas.


Cape Town, South Africa

This is one of the most dazzling coastal towns on the planet thanks to its riveting restaurant scene, white sand shorelines, and lovely seaside mountains. If you are visiting Cape Town soon, you will be among the people helping to conserve water because an unprecedented drought has hit the city. If you want to see the most awe-inspiring animals in SA, you should do it now because the rand is currently cheap.

When you visit this magical city, you should remember to take short showers and take photos of white rhinos to show your future kids.

No matter where you choose to vacation, make sure that you do plenty of research beforehand to ensure that you get the best prices for everything, including hotels and flights.

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