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Creative Centrepiece Ideas

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Wedding Centre Pieces

It’s amazing how much a creative centrepiece will really bring your wedding reception tables to life. Centrepieces are a quick and easy way to put your own stamp on your day and are a fantastically simple way to bring your theme to life. Even if you’re the sort of couple who are not necessarily mad into ‘theming’ your big day, a quirky centrepiece that reflects both bride and groom will really make the day feel special for you and your guests.
But gone are the days of just having lone flowers as centrepieces, todays brides and grooms are thinking outside the box with everything from trees, to vintage birdcages and mason jars, to books and edible goodies like cupcakes and even cheese being used!
The choices are endless and the only limit is your imagination. So have fun thinking up ways to bring your tables to life. To help, we’ve put together a handy list of ideas from the more creative end of the centrepiece spectrum. If you’d like to chat about how we can dress your tables for you big day, please give us a shout. contact us


These manzanita style trees are ideal for creating a little bit of impact! Think about any embellishments you might want to hang from them, such as pearls, or tealights, or ribbons. Our sister company Perfect Details supplies a beautiful range of Manzanita Trees for hire

Mason Jars

Not just for vintage lovers, Mason Jars can be super-versatile in creating beautiful table décor. Of course if you want to really channel that vintage feel, go for some pretty posies or gypsophelia. But these delightful jars are also ideal for holding tea lights, or sand, shells, or even fruit slices like lemons for a stunning effect.


Simple and elegant, birdcages will provide a real talking point on your tables and you can fill them with simple tealights, or flowers or plants, or even pictures and postcards.

Vintage Books

Adding a sense of old world style and laid back chic, stacks of vintage style books make for fantastic centrepieces. Think about including classics from your childhood or books that grandparents might have read to you to make it extra special. The other fab aspect of using small stacks of books is that you can place other items, such as vintage teapots, flowers or candles on top!

Tea Pots and Tea sets

From fine china to silver and everything in between, teapots and tea sets as centrepieces have been steadily growing in popularity. The brilliant thing about using vintage china is that you can spend time going to auction houses and bidding on boxes of mismatched china to use! Generally speaking they are very cheap and work wonders for the centrepieces.

Edible Centerpieces

Not just for the foodies amongst us, edible centrepieces are a fantastic way for guests to break the ice and get to know each other as they nibble on whatever edible creation you’ve laid on! Everything from cheese, to cupcakes, to sweet trees, to veggies could be considered. It’s also a clever touch if you’re planning to have speeches before the meal, it will give them something to munch on until dinner comes along. please see link


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