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Wedding Food Trucks Ireland

on April 23, 2018 with 9 and 0 in category Blog, Finishing Touches
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Food culture has come a long way in Ireland over the last number of years. Farmers markets, artisan producers and a real hunger (pardon the pun!) from the public for fresher, tastier and more creative food choices has raised the bar all around.

And this is very evident when it comes to weddings. More and more, it’s the food that’s one of the key driving elements when picking a venue for the big day. People want more than just ‘beef or salmon.’ They want something modern, fun creative and tasty. There’s also an appetite (sorry, not sorry!) for organic food with an eye on sustainability as well as food that can cater for different diets.

What’s great about the food trucks is that they can be a real surprise for your guests. You can have them as the main meal provider, or to cater for the drinks reception, the late night snack or the day after celebrations.

Here’s some visual inspiration for you. In the meantime don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly if you wish to chat about any aspect of your wedding planning and décor.


Any drawbacks?

As far as cons go, the only drawbacks to consider for food trucks really are the cost. Make sure it fits with your budget and find out what your venues policy is on having these vans on their premises. Also while it might be tempting to get a hog roast van in for your main meal, bear in mind it might not suit all styles of weddings.


Main Meals

If you’re having a festival or glamping style wedding, or a more relaxed atmosphere, then a food truck catering for the main meal is perfect. And there are so many cuisines to choose from! Literally there are options from all over the world to consider.

K Chido Mexico













Late Night Snacks

Having a food truck for your late night snack will be a real treat and surprise for your guests. In this case, look for vans that serve snack style foods, such as fries, poutine, bagels, pizza, fish n chips or even sliders. These would also be ideal for your day after get together.

Home Fries



From prosecco trucks, to gin caravans and even mobile traditional Irish pubs, there is a huge move toward these snazzy drinks vans in recent years. Ideal for your drinks reception or again for your day after get together if you’re having one.

The Shebeen

Sweet Treats

Again, sweet treats are going to be super addition to your wedding day festivities and you could have these at the drinks reception or in the evening time. Think Ice cream vans, doughnuts, cotton candy, cakes, coffee, teas, cakepops and crepes.

Rockfield Ice Cream 


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