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Lighting is a key feature for your wedding day décor. Indeed it’s not just a mere décor decision, as your chosen lighting will help set the mood and tone of your celebration from the get-go, so it’s worth taking some time to think about what feel you want to achieve. You’ll most likely not want to have just stark, regular room lighting which is neither atmospheric nor romantic. Instead, think about balancing the existing room lights with candles, lanterns, fairylights, uplighters, GOBO or pin lighting to easily transform the look and feel of your room to your chosen theme. Also consider what natural light your venue has and the time of year you’ll be getting married as this will have a bearing on the look.

Above all, make sure you go through your lighting preferences with your venue in advance, so you will not have any surprises on the day. At Co-Ordination Made Easy, super elegant, romantic lighting is one of our specialties. We can provide everything from cascading fairylights, to chic pin lighting, to candles, lanterns, GOBO and much more. Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your needs in more detail. In the meantime, enjoy our rundown of some popular lighting options for your wedding day.


For the ultimate romantic feel, nothing beats candlelight. Don’t be afraid to really ramp up the amount and variety of candles in your room, indeed having a glut of candles can be truly breath-taking. Think about whether you want candelabras, church style candles, tea lights, storm lanterns or hanging tea lights which are really popular right now.


To make a super unique statement, Gobo, which stands for “Goes Before Optics,” is a really fantastic option to consider. In essence, Gobo lighting can allow you to stencil anything from initials, to a message, to a design, to your wedding date and have this projected onto any surface, such as the dancefloor, plain wall or a backdrop.

Uplighters and Pin Lighting

Uplighters and pin lighting can very easily transform your wedding venue. The beauty of these options is that they are completely customisable forms of lighting, which allow you to illuminate and highlight certain parts of the room to create a totally unique look and feel. They also allow you to add colour to your room too.


It’s hard to improve on the simple beauty of fairylights, especially at a wedding. But there are so many creative ways to use fairylights, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Think about fairylight backdrops or cascading fairylights, especially if your venue has a balcony. You can also use fairylight curtains to jazz up windows or any awkward pillars in your room and turn them from an inconvenience into a feature.

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