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Choosing wedding pew ends can be huge fun. Generally speaking, by the time you start thinking of details such as pew ends, you will be well into your wedding planning and it’s the time when everything starts to come together. Pew ends might seem like a small detail, but trust me as a wedding planner with years of experience behind me, I can assure you that these little items can make a big impact.

Don’t forget that the church or blessing part of your wedding is the first thing you guests are going to see, so it makes sense to take some time to get the décor just right. Choosing pew ends that fit with the rest of the day’s theme and décor is a must. For example if you’re having a vintage style feel to the wedding, then don’t go for ultra-modern pew ends.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular types of pew ends out there. If you’d like to chat more about how I can help plan your wedding day or simply help with the little details like these, then please get in touch


Lanterns have become a really classic item for pew ends in the last number of years, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, from a safety point of view they are better than just naked candles which can be a fire hazard not just for the guests, but if the bride is wearing a big gown you don’t want it to be anywhere near the flame. Secondly, they have a real air of chic to them and can instantly transform your church or ceremony venue. Finally they are so versatile – go for mini lanterns to hang from the pews, or have standalone lanterns on the ground by each pew.

Burlap and Hearts

Vintage and DIY lovers will be very familiar with the rustic charm of burlap and hearts. Use the burlap in ribbons, or as cones for mini bouquets of wild flowers or gypsophila. Mix and match with wooden hearts made with intertwining sticks and flowers.

Mason Jars

Another popular choice for lovers of vintage chic, Mason Jars have become a regular pew end for many weddings. The beauty of these retro jars is that you can fill then with anything you like, from your favourite flowers, to sand, shells, fairy lights and even candles. You can hang them with simple twine from the pews or if you’ve larger jars why not have them sitting on the ground?

Musical Sheets

If you’re a real music lover or you or your partner play an instrument, then musical sheets are the perfect pew end to let your personality shine through. Think of making cones for flowers to sit in and try your hand at making some origami or carve the sheets into hearts for a beautiful effect.

Tall / Hanging

If you want to make a real impact, then there can be no better way than with tall or hanging pew ends. Choose from hanging bouquets at the top, to candles and even lanterns depending on your needs. They make a real impression when guests walk into the church and can look stunning in your photos.

Mini Buckets

Mini buckets or pails as they are sometimes called, are a cute pew end that’s gaining in popularity. Affordable, yet really versatile and customisable, think of using a mixture of flowers and ribbon to really make these sweet little buckets pop.

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