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Of all the wedding planning processes, coming up with ideas for your table names or a theme for your tables can be one of the most enjoyable but also at times the most difficult. Why? Well ideally whatever theme you go for should try and reflect both of you as a couple to give the reception a really personal feel. Generally speaking it’s not hard to find those shared interests, but if one of you is a diehard movie buff and the other is a major music fan, sometimes it can be hard to settle on one idea. Of course, you can always find a compromise that will work and ultimately this part of the wedding planning process is lots of fun and can allow you to really channel your creative side.

Remember the more personal you can make the ideas, the better it will be and you don’t have to go with some overly elaborate mechanic either, often the simplest ideas are the best. I’ve put together some ideas to get the creative juices flowing, but these are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day décor, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.


Many couples first bond over a love of music and some can even chart their relationship by favourite songs, albums and concerts, so it makes sense that this is one of the most popular ideas for table names. Think of naming your tables after those favourite songs. Use the CD or old record of that song as the physical table name and write the significance of each song, such as the first meeting, first dance, first kiss etc. Alternatively if you saved those special concert tickets then why not frame them and use them as the table names?


Milestones & Memories
All relationships will be filled with precious milestones and memories and why not incorporate these into your wedding day? Think about creating table names by using photographs that correspond to something meaningful to you as a couple. Table 1 could be a picture or memento of your first anniversary or first date? Similarly why not use a photos of you both growing up as table numbers, so when you were both 1 for table 1 and so on.



Much like music, film can be another major shared interest for you both as a couple and gives great scope for creative table names. Why not name them after your favourite films and use mini versions of the movies poster or clapper boards. Movie quotes are another great idea or name the tables after the all-time great movie couples/romances.


Often couples have travelled quite a bit before they decide to tie the knot and it can end up being a fantastic idea for your table names. Using postcards from cities you’ve visited, or even photos of you in those cities, maps, luggage tags or even cities you plan to visit together as a couple can all work really well.


Food or Drinks
If you’re both a pair of self-confessed foodies, then why not bring that shared passion into your wedding décor. Consider naming tables after your favourite foods or meals, cocktails or even wines and use wine bottles as the table names.


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