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There’s a real beauty to using wooden style accents in your wedding day décor at any time of year, but in winter it can really bring a sort of magical, fairy woodland style feel to proceedings and give the most inviting sense of bringing the outdoors in. Think wooden slices, candles, moss, burlap, ferns, cloches, conkers, acorns, pine cones and a touch of glitter or even unusual pops of colour dotted amongst it to really pull off the look.

It’s not only a pretty, seasonal alternative look to consider, but in terms of the savings you can make versus large fresh flowers, it’s much more affordable too. Plus if you’re a bit of a DIY lover or green thumbed enthusiast, there’s plenty you can work on yourself ahead of the big day by foraging and crafting.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day décor, then please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


Wood and Wooden Slices
These look just super, either stacked with candles or lanterns or vases of flowers. Think about jazzing them up with some glitter paint or burlap to give it a modern twist. Wooden logs with places for candles to sit will look simply stunning once the sun goes down, also consider wooden boxes filled with an array of greens, wildflowers, mosses and candles with pops of bright colour can work so well. Tall jars filled with wooden sticks and branches surrounded by candles or touches like acorns or conkers can look fabulous too.


Moss and Bark
When you think of a woodland setting moss has to be one of the first things that springs to mind and it’s surprising how well moss can look for your centrepieces. Think about small accents like moss numbers, candles covered in bark and moss intonations, moss dotted around the table, in lanterns or birdcages for example.
Along with moss, nothing says woodland like ferns and they are ideal for using in an array of centrepieces. They are of course the perfect partner to said moss and can look stunning used in garlands for long tables and paired with a contrasting wildflower or bright floral colour.


A real hit with trend lovers this season, cloche jars are the ideal match to this sort of theme. They add an air of mystery around things, as if something magical is being hidden beneath the cloche. You can go as creative as you wish with these inventive jars and fill them with wildflowers, barks, moss and greens. They look great stacked on wooden slices too.


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