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Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Guest Book

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It’s a really lovely thing, to be able to sit back and look at memories of your wedding day after the dust has settled. You will of course have tonnes of pictures to get through, but another piece of nostalgia really worth having is a guest book in some shape or form.  Of course there’s nothing wrong with the old fashioned book and pen method at all, but with so many genuinely fantastic alternatives out there, why not choose something that’s a little bit special.

These days many couples are getting super creative with their choices, with everything from fingerprint trees, to wine corks, jenga pieces, photo books, time capsules and even piñatas becoming popular.   No matter what medium you chose though, what’s most important is that you have all the heartfelt well wishes together in one place, because, believe us when we say, your magical day will go by way too fast and at the end it’s lovely to have these beautiful sentiments to read over year after year.

Here’s a rundown of some of the more unusual and fun alternatives to the traditional guest book. If you’d like to chat about more ideas for your big day, then please email us we’d be delighted to help.

Works of Art

These stunning guest book alternatives really are akin to a piece of art you can hang on your wall and look back on for years to come, as a reminder of your special day.  What about a collection of your favourite vintage records, signed by your guests and put in a frame?  Or have a fun fingerprint tree and some ink which you can also display proudly in your home.  For a crafty edge, why not use a collection of corks or a special painting or print and have you guests sign them? The list is endless for this one, just make sure to think about how it will fit in with your homes décor, après wedding.

Crafty and Creative 

These clever ideas don’t have to cost a fortune and are bursting with a crafty, creative feel.  For example, if you and your partner are puzzles lovers then using Jenga pieces or plain puzzle pieces and having your guests sign them is a genius way to remember the day, while incorporating a shared passion.  Another really low budget, but big fun idea is to have some pretty stones or shells in a basket and ask guests to sign them.  There are dozens of ways you can decide to display and use the stones after your wedding is over.  If you’re a bit of a crafter then why not hang a patchwork quilt and ask the guests to fill in the squares with well wishes, or if you’ve time why not put your crafting skills to work and make a cute board filled with envelopes and ask guests to fill them with little messages you and your partner can open the day after the wedding.

Guest Fun

Making you guestbook a bit of fun for your loved ones is a great idea and to be honest, they are more likely to actually want to engage with something quirky than a plain guestbook.  Think about having something like a globe and allow guests to sign it.  Or for maximum fun, leave a Polaroid and a scrapbook and let them go selfie mad!  It’s also a great way to see some of the moments you might have missed from the wedding day.  Another nice one is to have postcards from some of your favourite places and have guests leave messages on them, you can even have a little post-box for them to go in!

Something for the Ages

If you think you have the patience to wait, then these ideas are really brilliant.  A time capsule is essentially a jar, or box or some kind of container where you ask guests to fill them with little words or wisdom, predictions for the future of your relationship or just fun well wishes. You then decide how long you’ll keep them for! Some couples decide on their first anniversary or some wait even longer! Another nice twist is to have guests fill them with date night ideas and then pick one out once a month.  We’ve even heard of guests putting these time capsule messages into a piñata, which will be whacked open after their first anniversary!

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