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An Irish based, Wedding Planning & Event Management Company

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Wedding Planning

We can arrange any or all aspects of your wedding, whether it is full coordination, partial coordination, or on the day coordination. Or we can just be there to assist when you need a helping hand.

It's always your wedding

It’s always YOUR wedding

Some couples feel that they will lose control of their wedding preparations if they engage the services of a Wedding Co-ordinator. This is absolutely not true

Weddings ireland locations

Wonderful Irish Wedding Locations & Venues

From Castles, Manor Houses, Hotels to Cottages and Traditional Irish Guest houses and Pubs. You can be sure that we know just the place you are looking for!

parties and events kate deegan wedding planner

Parties and Events

From christenings to gala evenings, anniversary parties to product/event launches, we take the uncertainty away leaving you relaxed and confident that your event will be a great success.

room decor and hire kate deegan wedding planner

Room Decor & Rental Hire

It’s the extra touches that make the difference between a good event and a truly great one. Make your wedding one that will be remembered and talked about with awe by choosing from our range of extras.

photobooth-kate deegan wedding planner


Wedding Photobooth Hire Guests can come and use the photobooth at the drinks reception while the bride and groom are having their own photos taken or for after the meal when the speeches are over and before the band starts up…..just fantastic fun! We will have someone manning the booth and up to eight guests can get in to the photo booth at a time. The photo booth then produces a strip of four photos. The guests get to keep these and…


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